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Books and Long-Form Writing

A chapbook of stories

A Ploughshares Solo (also available at

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Other Writing Online

3 Flash Fictions

"Breaking Urns: From Ingmar Bergman to Yo La Tengo," an essay

"Play & Cheat," an essay

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"Chekhov's Gun," a short story

"The Film Director's Insomnia," a flash fiction

"Barmaley Fountain," "Male Bonding," & "Girls," 3 very short fictions

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"Everything Is Connected," a flash essay

"Gold Star," a short story

"Rembrandt's Drawings," a flash essay

"Why Can't You Write Here?" a short story

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"Daydreams, Nightdreams," a flash essay

"Race," "Stuck: A Very Brief Horror Novel," and "Homunculus," 3 very short fictions

"Watching TV," a flash fiction

"Horizon of Expectations," a flash essay

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Two flash fictions (and a third here)

"Another Coming of Age Story" and "Ravening Beasts," flash fictions

"The Safety of Home," a flash essay

"Delivering Content," an essay

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3 flash fictions

"Leaving George," a flash fiction

"Daddy," a flash fiction

Two flash fictions

"Chapter 9," a short story

"City Dream," a flash fiction

"London Calling," a flash fiction

"Tchaikovsky," a poem

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